ANNOUNCEMENT (April 28, 2024): No new websites will be created on the Site Builder platform until October 2024. Requests can still be submitted and approved during this time, but the production of the sites will be put on hold until October. Sites requested before April 28, 2024 will be provided to Site Owners as scheduled, however the GSD will not be able to launch these sites until October 2024. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. For more information, please contact [email protected].

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Welcome to the
GSD Site Builder

The GSD Site Builder is a WordPress platform that allows GSD faculty, staff, and student groups to create beautiful websites quickly, at low cost, and without needing a background in web development. Site administrators can create their own layouts using Gutenberg, a drag-and-drop editor that has been customized exclusively for the GSD. This site serves as your guide to the platform.

If you have questions about using GSD Site Builder, please contact [email protected].

WordPress Drag & Drop Editor

Built in WordPress, you’ll have a robust platform to easily create and edit the pages on your site.

Typography & Design Options

Choose from dozens of preset typography bundles and color palettes, or create your own!

Websites Supported by Harvard GSD

This platform is the only site builder managed by Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Set Up & Hosting Through the GSD

Site Set Up

When your site is approved, GSD’s internal team will get your site set up on a server and provide you with access to your CMS.


Your site will be hosted on a secure server that our web team has access to, so your site will be monitored for downtime and security issues.

Example Sites

Need examples of this platform at work? The site you are currently on has been built using the platform. As the platform grows, we will add more sites to this portfolio, so check back soon for more examples.

If you’d like your site to be featured in this section, please contact [email protected]. We are seeking submissions from sites that use this system to create unique and user-friendly layouts. Regrettably, we cannot feature all websites that use this platform.