Body Copy

The Paragraph block is intended for the body copy on your page. It has been designed for consistency and legibility, and can be styled in a variety of ways.

System ref: Paragraph

3.0 Text

Paragraph Sample

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Understanding paragraph blocks

A screenshot of the paragraph block editor, with the block toolbar above and the block settings on the right.
Paragraph settings can be found in the block toolbar and the Block Settings tab.

Paragraph text can be bold, italic, and strikethrough. These are adjusted in the block toolbar.

You can also change the alignment of your body copy. This is adjusted in the block toolbar:

This example is left-aligned.

This example is center-aligned.

This example is right-aligned.

You can change the color of your paragraph text. This setting is found in the Block Settings tab on the right side. Use this sparingly since it will break the standard styles found throughout your site. When choosing the color, consider the colors used on the rest of the site and make sure that your color choice meets AA accessibility standards.

You can change the size of your paragraph text. Use this sparingly since it will break the standard styles found throughout your site.

Fonts for the Paragraph block are set at a global level. For more information on changing the paragraph font, view the Typography page.

Links can be added (as shown in the paragraph above) through the block toolbar.

An optional drop cap is available for your body copy. This is located in the Block Settings tab on the right side. Drop caps tend to reduce a user’s ability to easily scan content, so avoid using drop caps too often on a page. Typically they are used for the first paragraph only. If you use drop caps, use them consistently throughout all pages so visitors become comfortable with them.