Text Blocks

Some blocks give you control over how the text content is presented and tagged.

System ref: Text blocks


The structure of text on a page is important for your site’s design, usability, and accessibility. This family of blocks presents text content in a way that makes your page easy to scan, while also providing the appropriate structural tags so assistive technology and search engines can read the page correctly.

These blocks can be used in combination with layout blocks and global settings to create a wide variety of unique typographic designs for a site.

Tips for Text Content

Studies have found that users consume digital content in a different way than print content. The same person who reads an entire newspaper article in print, will most likely scan the very same article if they look at it online. To help you create content that your users will read, here are some tips for making your content more scannable.

  • Use headings to break up sections of your page.
  • Avoid large paragraphs where possible.
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists to break up content.
  • Avoid using full URLs within your text. Instead, link to the URL from words in your content.
  • Place your most important information at the top of the page.
  • For content that is long, consider using layout blocks or media blocks to visually break up the page.